Weston Veterinary Hospital / Rabies Vaccine Clinic

Weston Veterinary Hospital

541 US Highway 33 W
Weston, WV 26452



We are excited to announce the return of the Rabies Vaccine Clinic.

We look forward to seeing everyone on OCTOBER 8, 2022

We will do our best to work with every cat or dog that is brought to the Rabies Vaccine Clinic, however there are a few situation where we will be unable to vaccinate your pet: 

1. Your pet is too sick for vaccines. 

2. Your pet has a history of allergic reactions to vaccines. 

3. Your pet is too stress or aggressive for safe handling.   

4. Your pet is too young for vaccines. (Minimum 12 weeks of age for Rabies and 6-8 weeks of age for other vaccines)